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Successful Sales Financing Training Series

Westport has developed a series of video presentations intended exclusively for our dealer partners. These sessions provide unique insights regarding the concept of sales financing and explain how to make better use of our programs and services. Each segment features simple, yet effective strategies that can be used to help better educate your customers and increase equipment sales in the process.

About the Presenter

Gerry Egan is a 30 year veteran of the leasing and finance industry. He first became involved with leasing in the nineteen-seventies, learning to use it as a sales tool while working as a rep with an equipment vendor. He had such success with it that he eventually went to work for a leasing company in 1981. He started as their first outside salesperson and later became that company's Operations Manager.

In 1991 Gerry started his own leasing company. He still provides financing to local businesses in Raleigh, NC and also oversees the leasing operations for several local banks. Now devoting most of his time to consulting work and sales training, Gerry is an experienced public speaker and popular presenter. He is a Past President of the NAELB and has done numerous workshops for this leasing industry trade association. He has also developed and provided training programs for many leasing companies, banks and equipment vendors. His articles are often featured in finance industry newsletters and trade publications.

Gerry's unique but always practical and customer-focused approach has challenged and inspired many salespeople to break out of their ruts and separate themselves from their competition. Westport is pleased to offer this exclusive series to our valued Dealer Partners and hope you will benefit by implementing the strategies and techniques discussed. Thanks for watching!

Volume 1 - Leasing as a Powerful Sales Tool      (5 Minutes)
Gerry Egan discusses how an effective leasing program can have a positive impact on your overall equipment sales. He explains why all customers, even those who intend to pay cash for their new equipment, will benefit when our lease plans are used properly.

Volume 2 - Selling Choices      (5 Minutes)
Gerry Egan talks about the unique opportunity created by the current economic climate. He proposes that you give your customers valid options to help them overcome a lack of cash and/or access to bank financing that may be preventing them from purchasing needed new equipment.

Volume 3 - Selling Benefits      (6 Minutes)
Gerry Egan reviews the need to focus on presenting 'benefits' rather than 'features' when selling commercial equipment. He suggests logical and easy ways for sales reps to maintain that focus and build better sales presentations.

Volume 4 - Pricing Benefits      (6 Minutes)
Following up on his previous session about presenting benefits, Gerry Egan analyzes the process businesses use when deciding whether or not to buy new equipment. He shows how presenting monthly payments will increase closing ratios, even for the customers who don't plan to lease.

Volume 5 - Promote Repeat Business      (6 Minutes)
What equipment sales rep wouldn't want a list of qualified prospects and the exact date each one planned to consider buying new equipment? Gerry Egan reveals how; when used properly, Westport's leasing programs deliver that and more.

Volume 6 - Getting Started      (6 Minutes)
Gerry Egan explains how easy it can be for equipment sales reps to implement leasing as a sales tool and take advantage of the effective strategies he's presented in other recent sessions. He suggests how to handle your customer's technical questions about leasing and shares some ideas for using your Westport leasing program as a 'trial close'.

Volume 7 - Competition      (6 Minutes)
Competition is a major challenge equipment sales reps face each and every day. In this session Gerry Egan brings new insight to the topic and summarizes how to best tackle your toughest competitor. He shows how you can use that competition as a way to motivate your prospects to act quickly so you can close more deals in less time.

Volume 8 - Substitution of Expenses      (6 Minutes)
Drawing on past personal experience, Gerry Egan explains how prospects who weren't planning to buy can quickly and easily be converted. He'll describe how this simple but highly effective strategy can broaden your base of potential customers and help you close more sales.

Volume 9 - Substitution of Expenses Part 2     (6 Minutes)
This installment expands upon the previous discussion about our Substitution of Expenses selling strategy. Gerry Egan provides more tips on how to use this simple, but highly effective technique to identify your best opportunities and close more business.


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