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Leasing Procedures - Dealers

You'll find that selling equipment through Westport's leasing programs is not significantly different from a regular sale. The following guideline describes the general procedures involved in arranging a lease for your customer.

  1. In the earliest stages of the sales process, qualify how the client plans to pay for the new equipment.

  2. At the quotation or sales proposal stage, provide estimated monthly lease payments for the proposed equipment, as well as the additional monthly amount required for any additional options or accessories.

  3. At the sales order stage, provide the client with a copy of Westport's credit application. If possible, assist the client in completing the form and ensure that it has been faxed or submitted to Westport to initiate the approval process.

  4. Along with the client's credit application, or as soon as the finalized list has been determined, provide Westport with a detailed description of the selected equipment. The list should include the make, model and description of each item, as well as a breakdown of prices for each item. Serial numbers can be provided later. This information will be used to determine the lease payments and prepare the lease paperwork.

  5. Upon credit approval, Westport will notify the dealer, and discuss the reasons and possible options or alternatives with the applicant.

  6. Wesport will prepare and complete the necessary lease agreement with the applicant. Paperwork is normally sent directly to the client via email, fax or courier.

  7. Upon receipt of the completed and signed lease agreement, Westport will forward invoicing instructions to the dealer and advise them to make arrangements for delivery and/or installation directly with the customer.

  8. The dealer faxes a copy of their invoice to Westport and notifies us when the customer has received the equipment.

  9. Westport contacts the customer to confirm receipt and acceptance of the goods. Once confirmation is completed, full payment of the dealer's invoice is normally processed within two (2) business days.

  10. All future issues regarding equipment maintenance, warranties and service is handled in the usual manner between the dealer and customer. All issues regarding the lease and payments are administered directly between Westport and the customer.

Special circumstances or situations may result in changes to these procedures. If you have any questions about the process for leasing new equipment, please Contact Us


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