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Businesses generally use leasing to add new equipment that will increase efficiencies or production capacity. Individuals, professionals, government agencies, and companies of every size lease some or all of their equipment. Any organization or business with an ongoing need for capital equipment is likely to benefit by leasing.

As with any other product or service, choosing the right financing plan can make life a lot easier. Making the wrong choice can prove costly.

Select the links below to learn if leasing is the best option for your situation, and discover the advantages of selecting Westport as your preferred leasing source.

What is Leasing
Learn the fundamental principals of leasing, as well as the history and background of the industry.

Benefits of Leasing
Learn about the wide variety of advantages offered by leasing

Reasons For Leasing
Information to help you decide if leasing is the right solution for your needs.

What can be Leased
Check this section to learn more about the specific types of assets and equipment Westport leases.

Why Choose Westport
Learn about the advantages of selecting Westport as your preferred leasing source.

Leasing Procedures
Find out the steps involved in leasing your new equipment through Westport.

Credit Criteria
Find out the criteria needed for credit approval and learn tips on establishing a solid credit record.

Common Questions
Find answers to questions frequently asked by many of our clients.


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