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Leasing 101 for Equipment Dealers

When you know and understand a product better, you can give your customers better service and advice. That is part of what it takes to be a true professional.

We have summarized some important information about our financing and leasing products in this section. It will give you a foundation of knowledge for discussing financing solutions with your clients, and help you recognize how both you and your clients can benefit from Westport's sales financing plans.

Leasing Fundamentals
Learn the principals of leasing, as well as the history and background of the industry.

Benefits of Leasing
Find out about the advantages leasing offers for your customers.

Reasons for Leasing
Discover the reasons why some firms prefer to lease.

Types of Equipment Westport Leases
Find out if the equipment you sell can be leased through our plans.

Credit Criteria
Learn the characteristics needed to qualify for lease approval.

Application Requirements
A guideline to the information clients will be expected to supply with their credit application.

If you have questions about our leasing programs and services Contact Us.


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