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Why Choose Westport

You'll find that selling equipment through Westport's leasing programs is not significantly different from a regular sale. The following guideline describes the general procedures involved in arranging a lease for your customer.

The right point-of-sale financing program can provide the "competitive edge" that delivers increased sales and greater profits. With our extensive experience in supporting vendor programs, Westport offers many advantages.

Comprehensive Programs
Westport accomodates requests for amounts of $2,000 or more. Applicants can be located anywhere across Canada or the USA. We accept both new and used equipment of almost every description. Options include: Lease-to-Own plans, Conditional Sales and Long Term Rentals.

Creative Repayment Options
Terms may range from 12 to 84 months. We can create customized plans including: No payment for 90 days, Seasonal Payment Holidays, Gradually decreasing or increasing payments and options for early purchase.

Fast Response
Westport responds quickly to all inquiries and credit submissions. Approvals or status updates are guaranteed to be available within four (4) hours of credit submission. We return phone calls promptly and requests for quotes are filled quickly.

Liberal Acceptance Criteria
Westport's range of programs allows us to accommodate the greatest possible number of a dealer's prospects. Naturally, we service conventional credits such as major corporations, government agencies, professionals and established businesses. Our secondary programs enable us to also provide options for clients who may not traditionally qualify for lease financing, such as owner-operated businesses, non-profit societies and new businesses.

Competitive Pricing
Westport employs an innovative risk-based pricing model. We use a multi-tiered approach for evaluating credit risk, and establish corresponding pricing levels. Applicants are qualified for a program with pricing relative to their specific circumstances and risk characteristics. This approach ensures that our programs can be favorably compared with any financing alternative available to each client.

Prompt Payment
Quick payment for equipment sales can dramatically improve a dealer's cash flow and working capital. Westport's procedures are designed to ensure every transaction is processed and paid as quickly as possible. Dealers are normally paid within two (2) business days of the client's receipt and acceptance of the leased equipment.

Sales Support Material
Westport provides informative literature to help educate clients on the many benefits they can receive from our services. We can also provide attractive point-of-purchase materials to increase customer awareness of available financing options.

Open Communications
Westport provides ongoing status updates so dealers can anticipate each step in the process and deliver the best possible service to their clients. We relay important feedback from the client and information on competitive activity to keep sales on track.

Completing a lease transaction needn't be a distraction from normal daily business activities. Dealers and their clients appreciate the fact that our procedures are designed to be fast and efficient. All necessary arrangments can be made by phone, fax, email and/or courier.

Westport stives to make our programs easy for the dealer. We gladly take care of all paperwork and technical details so the dealer can focus on getting more sales.

Westport offers many creative marketing strategies to stimulate sales. We can provide programs that will help motivate clients to accept sales proposals quickly. Dealers can qualify to offer special promotions that won't reduce their profit margins.

Professional Representatives
Westport staff are knowledgeable and attentive people. They can be relied upon to have the experience, personality and communication skills needed to meet clients' expectations. Westport staff members are dedicated to helping our dealers to achieve their business objectives, and have a mandate to treat each and every client with courtesy and respect.

Solid Reputation
A dealer's lease sales can go more smoothly when they associate themselves with a financing company their clients will know and trust. Westport has earned an excellent reputation by maintaining high standards of customer service and fair business practices for almost twenty (20) years.

Over the years, Westport has helped many dealers establish effective sales financing programs. We have the knowledge and expertise to successfully launch a program and ensure that optimum results are achieved. We can provide assistance and useful tips to the dealer's existing staff, as well as full training for new staff members as they are added.

All information regarding dealers and their clients is kept strictly confidential. Dealers also gain peace of mind knowing that Westport is looking out for their interests and working to help them close each sale. We will also advise our dealers of any competitive activity on an account prior to lease expiry. Our many years of dealer financing experience helps us to anticipate and address potential problems before they occur.

Leads and Referrals
Westport has a large and established customer base. Our clients routinely ask us to recommend reliable suppliers for equipment of every nature and description. We refer such clients to suppliers on our Preferred Vendor List, where the client has not been referred to us by an approved dealer and/or is seeking equipment not supplied by the originating dealer. These referrals are often a valuable source of additional business opportunities.


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