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Application Requirements

For All Applications

  • A completed and signed commercial credit application.
  • A copy of the equipment supplier's quotation or sales proposal. If you have not received a quote, or if you are requesting pre-approval, a general description of the asset(s) may be substituted. Include the equipment make, model, approximate selling price, etc. Provide the name and contact information for your preferred supplier if one has been selected. Internet website addresses with details about the equipment are appreciated.
  • Preference for length of lease term. Example: 3 or 4 years.
Additional Requirements
  • Credit information for principal(s) may be required
  • For businesses with less than 2 years of established credit history.
  • For businesses with limited trade or credit references.
  • For businesses that are not legally incorporated.
  • For businesses that are majority-owned by one or very few key individuals.
  • Financial statements may be required:
  • If there is insufficient trade or credit reference information for the business and/or its principals.
  • If the equipment to be leased is unique or highly specialized.
  • If the lease amount requested exceeds $50,000.
Where financial statements are required, Westport will request the following:
  • Most recent 3 years of accountant-prepared records including:
         - Accountant's engagement letter.
         - Balance sheet and income statements.
         - Accountant's notes to the financial statements.
  • Interim and/or internal accounting statements are required if it has been more than six months since the last reported fiscal year end.
  • Business plan details may be required
  • For applications over $250,000.
  • For start up businesses requesting over $50,000.


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